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New European aerospace engines and parts address environmental concerns

Worldwide airborne travel, measured by the total number of kilometres travelled by paying passengers, grew 7.4 per cent last year. That was well above the past decade’s average annual growth of 5.5 per cent, according to Iata, the global industry trade body. Data from Iata also show more than 3.5bn passenger journeys were flown in 2015. The number is expected to exceed 7bn in 20 years.
The Independent

Pop to India: the proposition of Stansted's newest long-haul airline

A new airline launching a direct route not served by any other airline out of London is pretty newsworthy stuff. But multiply that by a factor of two, sprinkle in a crowdfunded launch proposition and a generous dose of philanthropy – and you have "POP", a new low-cost airline that plans to rev up its engines for flights out of Stansted before the end of the year.
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Airport sleeping pods: how to snooze between flights

You’ve just spent 12 hours in an economy class seat, you missed your connection, you’re facing six hours in the terminal until your onward flight - and all you really want to do is get a few hours’ slumber. You could of course stretch out on a bench in the concourse, perhaps to find your passport and belongings have been “liberated” when you wake up. But there’s a safer, comfier and more dignified alternative.
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